Hallmark World School

Medical College Road, Near Sariya, Gorakhpur, UP - 273013
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Affiliation No: 2131273, School Code: 54753


Circular No. GK1/P/M/S//10Hallmark World School

Circular Regarding Regular Attendance:

Greetings from Hallmark World School!!!

Kindly acknowledge that coming to school regularly is an integral part of a student's life specially in secondary and higher secondary section. This inculcates discipline and regularity in a student, which in turn inculcates moral values and ensures holistic education. 

It is compulsory for all students to maintain regular attendance during the course of the Academic Session, 75% attendance is mandatory to enable them to appear in the Final Assessment. 

Leave during Periodic Test, Half yearly and Annual examination should be strictly avoided as it may hamper the child's Academic Progress in board and promotion to the next class.

All students should attend school on the reopening day after each of the weekends / vacations. 

Student who are absent for a day, should bring a leave application on the next day.

Students who have been sick for 3 or more days need to bring a medical certificate from their doctor on re-joining the School.

If a child is absent from the school without prior information for 7 days in continuation,due action may be taken.

It is the sole responsibility of parents to inform School Principal / Class Teacher if child is absent. 

A certificate of merit will be given to students with 100% attendance.

Kindly be Regular & Punctual.


Hallmark World School
Sariya, Gorakhpur



Circular No. GK1/P/M/S//09

Date: 27.08.2019 
Circular for Classes I to X 

Sub: Art Contest

Dear parents,
Greetings for Hallmark World School !!!!

Kindly be informed that an Art Contest will be organized on Friday, 30 August 2019, that is open to all students from grade I to X. Kindly bring necessary items like pencil, rubber, colour (poster colour, pencil colour, water colour etc), paint brush etc.

Theme: “The Sport That I Love” 


Ms  Sweta Shivdasani 
Hallmark World  School  
Sariya, Gorakhpur


Notice Regarding SOF Olympiad Examination 2019-20

Hallmark World School

Circular No. GK1/P/M/S/HS/08
Date: 21.08.2019 
Circular for Classes I to XII 
Sub: Olympiad- IGKO, IEO, NSO, IMO, NCO & & Inrtoducing ICO

Dear Parents, 
The Hallmark World School continues to conduct ‘Olympiad’ Exams for the academic year 2019-2020. 
The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is a registered, Non-Government Organization (NGO) which aims to inculcate a scientific temper among school children and popularize subjects like Science, Math, Computer, English and Sports Knowledge. 
These tests are administered only once a year. 
These tests do not require any preparation; however books based on previous Olympiad papers are available. The school will arrange for the books from the organization. The cost of each book is mentioned below and is not included in the registration fee. 
They are based on grade - level subject matter. 
The format is objective type where the students have to choose the correct answer from choices given. 
These Olympiads are optional and will totally be by the choice of the child and the parent. 
The child can appear for any one subject or all. 
The test will be conducted in the school. 
The registration fee is Rs. 150 per Olympiad Examination to be paid by the parent. 

Tests conducted by SOF 
Test Date of test for this year 
International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) 26th September 2019
International English Olympiad (IEO) 5th November 2019
National Science Olympiad (NSO) 11th November 2019
International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 05th December 2019
National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) 28th November 2019
International Commerce Olympiad (INTRODUCING)  28th November 2019
Cost of the preparatory books Book Cost:  

National Science Olympiad (NSO) Rs. 80 (Rs Eighty Only)
National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) Rs. 80 (Rs Eighty Only)
International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Rs. 80 (Rs Eighty Only)
International English Olympiad (IEO) Rs. 80 (Rs Eighty Only)

International Sports Knowledge Olympiad (ISKO) Rs. 80 (Rs Eighty Only)
The Official Olympiads’ book of Reasoning Rs 150 (Rs One Hundred Fifty Only ) for Classes I to V &   Rs 200 (Rs Two Hundred Only) for Classes VI to X. 

School’s Role 
 The school will be a link between the organization and the children. 
The school will not take up any extra classes or practice for the test. It will be the responsibility of the parents to prepare the child for the test, if you feel the need. The test will be conducted during school hours. For more details see the SOF website www.sofworld.org 
Amount should be submitted to P.A to Principal Ms Anjali Mishra and parents kindly feel free and comfortable to contact her for any query on Hallmark World School Helpline No:  9935688000.

Parents, who are interested, please fill the attached consent form and submit it in the school’s accounts department along with the registration fees and book charges latest by Friday, 30 August 2019. 

Note: The payment should be done only in cash. 

Ms Sweta Shivdasani 
Hallmark World  School  
Sariya, Gorakhpur 





Notice Regarding: Janmashtami Celebration


Circular No: GK1/PP/P/M07                                                                                                                  Date: 20 August 2019

Dear Parents,                                             

Greetings on behalf of Krishna Janmashtami!!!


It is our kind pleasure to inform that Krishna Janmashtmi is going to be celebrated with sheer enthusiasm at Hallmark World School, Sariya, Gorakhpur on Thursday, 22 August 2019.


Matki Making Competition :


Kindly be informed that your ward should bring necessary decorative items for Classes I & II.


Small 'Matki' & decorative items should be brought for 'Matki Making Competition' which will be held for classes III to V.


Krishna Kreeda :


Janmashtami celebration is to bring awareness among the children about traditional customs while enjoying the pranks of Lord Krishna. So, you are requested to send your wards from Class Nursery to Class II in the attire of various Krishna Leela's characters like Sudama, Radha, Meera, Yashoda, Gopika, Krishna, etc.


"The Tableau of Mahabharata Jhankhi Competition :


The scenes of Mahabharata will be displayed by the students of Classes III to V (House Wise). The students are supposed to come in different costumes accordingly in the characters of Mahabharata. 


Raas Leela - Dahi Handi:


Janmashtami celebration will be concluded by Raas Leela followed by 'Dahi Handi' and Aarti.

Note: Kindly be informed that the school will remain closed on account of Krishna Janmashtami on Friday, 23 August 2019. The school will be as usual and regular on Saturday, 24 August 2019. Attendance is mandatory.    

Jai Shree Krishna!!!


Lots of Regards,



Ms. Sweta Shivdasani


Hallmark World School

Sariya, Gorakhpur



Notice Regarding: 73rd Independence Day & Rakshabandhan


Circular No: GK1/PP/P/M/S/HS06                                                           Date: 14 August 2019

Dear Parent's, 
Greetings from Hallmark World School!!!

Hallmark World School Wishes You All A Very Happy 73rd Independence Day & A Very Happy Rakshabandhan !!!

Kindly be informed that Thursday, 15 August 2019 the school will celebrate 73rd Flag Hoisting Ceremony, March Past & a Grand Cultural Programme on the Centre Stage of the school campus at main branch Sariya, Gorakhpur. The school reporting time will be 8:20 a.m. The cultural programme will start sharp at 9:00 a.m. and the dispersal will be around at 9:45 a.m. Attendance is mandatory for all the classes from Nursery to XII. The school will be as usual from Friday, 16 August 2019.


1. Transport facility will be as usual on all the routes for all the students. 
2. Pick Up timings accordingly has to be adjusted as it is already informed & communicated in the school diary by the transport incharge. 
3. Students of Classes Nursery to X will wear house uniform & students of classes XI & XII will wear regular uniform. 
4. Students should bring lunch box, napkin & water bottle.

School will provide refreshment followed by the cultural programme.

Thanks & Regards,

Ms. Sweta Shivdasani
Hallmark World School
Sariya, Gorakhpur






Circular No: GK1/PP/P/M05                                                           Date: 06 August 2019

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Hallmark World School!!!


Kindly be informed that parents of class Nursery to VIII and IX, & XI (Sc.,Com, & Humanity)are cordially invited for the PTM which is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturday 10 August 2019. It is mandatory to attend PTM for both the parents in order to work positively & constructively after sharing feedbacks from each other so that school can manage to work in the direction of cent percent performance & growth in Examinations of your valuable wards.

Thanks & Regards,



Ms Sweta Shivdasani


Hallmark World School

Sariya, Gorakhpur